Wolf lyrics: K vs M

Exo m:I really want to swallow the nectar-sweet you in one bite
Exo k:I'll eat you up like a piece of cheese

*takes one good photo* posts on all blogs, posts on all social media accounts, makes wallpaper, sends to friends, prints out and frames, emails to obama

[Facts/ Info] Behind the “No More Dream” lyrics


"To be honest, before I decided that music was what I wanted to do, I didn’t have a dream. I only studied hard because I knew that if I got good grades, I’d get compliments, and I liked that. I wanted to ask those who are like how I was then: ‘What is your dream?"


- Rap Monster

(enewsworld exclusive interview)

i hope tomorrow will be different from today



evangelion world @ fuji q



fun fact: once in biology my teacher told us that “if you’re ever crying wipe the tears all over your face and they’ll help clear up your skin” then he explained that because tears are designed to clear dust and dirt from your eyes and will do the same for your skin and clear up acne and i remember thinking “excellent, fandom will make me beautiful”


this isn’t how i want to be remembered 




"gentle reminder that cleopatra’s beauty is rumored to have started wars in ancient history" — a post going around Tumblr

Actually Cleopatra was said to have not actually been that beautiful — men said that until she opened her mouth, she was simply average. What made her…